Integrity Geophysical Services, Inc.
jerry blaxton

Founder and President of Integrity Geophysical Services with 40 years seismic experience in Oil, Gas and Environmental Industry


Full service 2D/3D Seismic Processing

Seismic Interpretation via workstation and integration

Prospect Generation

Field acquisition supervision

Expert Witness

CO2 Sequestration Seismic evaluation

Underground Fluid injection hazard evaluation

Fracture-Porosity-Permeability Identification Method


Higher Permeability-Porosity-Fracture locations generate a velocity “slow” anomaly

Many “Sweet Spots” are too small to significantly and consistently effect amplitude and frequency

Integrity Geophysical employs high fidelity processing coupled with detailed velocity analysis to pinpoint slow velocity anomalies associated with “Sweet Spot” reservoirs


Every CDP, every sample, is analyzed

The final migrated seismic product is presented with standard seismic traces in foreground with the “velocity field” color coded in the background.

Slow velocity anomalies are calibrated as “warm” colors while fast velocities are coded as “cool” colors


This method demonstrates a strong correlation between velocity and good reservoir.

Above average production will result from drilling where the reservoir is found to possess the best reservoir characteristics while avoiding tighter reservoir areas.

Production Samples

Richfield Production


Varying rates of production without obvious Anomalous Conditions of Distinguish or Predict.


Incorporate the velocity field and slow velocity anomalies associated with better reservoir are evident.


the 120 BOPD well location was based on this velocity analysis, achieving a 300% increase in daily production.